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Here's some cool sites for KIDS and PARENTS! YOU'LL learn lots about US and about YOUR pets! You'll find neat pictures to color and fun games to play. You'll learn how to teach your pet tricks and commands EVEN when they're BLIND and/or DEAF! You'll learn all about PET SAFETY, and most of all, you'll learn that YOU are your pet's BEST FRIEND! You'll also see where to go for adoptions or fostering of pets in need. And you'll learn where to go to get FREE DOG FOOD for A MONTH - just for adopting a pet! Check out this page often - there's bound to be some changes now and then, and you don't want to miss out on ANYTHING! Thanks for stopping by - Gabriel & Allicks Anderson


HOW TO LOVE YOUR DOG:  A Kid's Guide to learning GOOD PET PARENTHOOD!       http://loveyourdog.com/

PET DOG: What do I need to know about getting a puppy? http://dogplay.com/MyDogs/puppy.html

DOG IN FORMAT:  Before you get a dog!      http://www.doginfomat.com/b4ugetadog.htm

DOG PLAY: Learn everything about being the best freind to your pet!!      http://www.dog-play.com/youth.html#learn

DOG BREED INFOR CENTER: about dog breeds! http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/dogskids.htm

INFORMATION CENTRAL:  For Kids and Teens!http://dmoz.org/Kids_and_Teens/Your_Family/Pets/Dogs/

VETERINARY PARTNER: How to keep your pet safe and healthy!http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=1661&S=1&SourceID=47

BUZZLE: Various sites regarding Animals and Pets!       http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/2-18-2002-11785.asp

SURFING THE NET WITH KIDS: Activities and Education            http://www.surfnetkids.com/dog.htm

KIDS SITE.COM:  APPROVED KIDS SITES FOR ANIMALS       http://www.kidsites.com/sites-edu/animals.htm

  Petfinder.com & Petfinder.com & Tama Kids' Page    http://www.petfinder.org/tama/



Dedicated to the rescue and fostering/adopting of White Aussies (like Allicks and me), this group is one of the leaders in White Aussie Awareness!  Visit this site and learn what it's like to be born a White Aussie and what can and should be done to prevent more deliberate irresponsible breedings.  Learn too how much effort, time and love is dedicated to these animals by so many caring and giving humans.  Visit the site and absorb the stories of some who most often deal with the saving of life!

You can get there quick and easy by clicking onto the link above!


We're glad to say this website has everything imaginable for owners of handicapped pets!  You can discuss specific needs and/or creative ideas regarding a handicapped pet and solutions to whatever problems exist.  These folks will point you toward whatever you need to improve your pet's life from WHEELCHAIRs to LIFT STRAPS - from BOOTs to SWEATERs - there's an 'expert' or two out there who will help you help your pet! Learn more about the products and services available to those with pets with certain 'disabilities' by just reading the stories posted.  These animal lovers also discuss medical conditions such as SARDS, Disc Disease, Cushings Disease, and lots more.  You'll find website listings and all sorts of helpful tools necessary to develope a true understanding of pets who need your help.

Click onto the Title for a direct trip to Handicapped Pets Site!

This is one TRIP you'll really enjoy!  (No pun intended...ha!)


Did you ever wonder just how many loving pets suffer cruelty, abuse and neglect at the hands of their 'two-legged' caretakers?  Pet-Abuse.com enables you to 'walk in the paws' of those who have been dealt life's most miserable sufferings.  You can learn more than you'll ever want to know about cruelty toward animals!  Visit this site to learn - not only the stories of real animal abuse cases - but to learn what YOU can do to help educate the public on animal abuse and cruelty, and by doing so, help prevent it yourself.

Part of 'my family', St Jude', was terribly abused some years ago and was left at death's doorstep to die a miserable and painful death.  Had he not dragged his nearly lifeless body to Karen's home, he most certainly would have died lonely and suffering.  Jude's story is included within our website, and he would like for everyone to visit Pet-Abuse.com and promise to report ALL pet abuse and cruelty to local enforcement agencies!

Have you wondered how animals are 'put down'...'culled'...'killed'...'euthanized'?  Well, Pet-Abuse.com keeps a running tab - and the numbers will shock you!  Since I was scheduled for 'culling' myself, I am somewhat sensative about this topic.  Had it not been for some magical, mystical chain of events that put me into my Mom Karen's hands - I too would have become a statistic instead of the handsome and debonaire pup I am today! 

Pet-Abuse.com is dedicated to educating humans on the atrocities that some of us animals suffer at the hands of humans.  Thankfully, there are humans out there like those involved with Pet-Abuse.com who spend their time spreading the news of such atrocities around the globe. Through their efforts, they are making people more aware while challenging them to 'step up to the plate', 'ante up', and 'pay it forward' by denouncing animal abuse of all sorts.

The 'Creator' handed stewardship of His animals to Humans.  It is the responsibility of ALL mankind to assure that even 'the least' of the animals receive loving and compassionate care.

Visit Pet-Abuse.com today!

MuttCats.com features an animal shelter directory, articles, fiction, pet memorials, discussion boards, shopping and more

MuttCats.com is a fantanstic website to find animal shelters located all over!  Visit them and see what you can learn - we all know the saying..."you can't teach an old dog new tricks", but we know that to be wrong, right?  You betcha!  And even more surprising is that you CAN teach HUMANs more tricks!  Even OLD ones!  So visit MuttCats.com and see what new tricks there are out there to be learned.  One of MY favorite tricks you'll learn all about is how to save lives!

Visit them today - and you might even find THIS site on their list of important sites to visit!

Don't believe that?

Well, what you won't know till you check it out - so what are you waiting for?

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Pedigree will GIVE you DOG FOOD - a free month's supply of it! 


Just because you adopt a dog this year! Read on...and you'll be a Pedigree Fan just like me! This is from THEIR website to YOU!

When you adopt a dog in 2007, we’ll thank you with a free month’s supply of PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs*. To order your free food, simply fill out this form,(go to link above) attach proof of adoption (copies of adoption documentation and receipt for fee/donation — please don’t send originals), and send to: 

The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive / PO Box 410498 / El Paso, TX / 88541-0498 (United States)



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