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Our Family Photos


"Have you EVER seen a more handsome TAIL?? BORN DOCKED, that's me!"

"When I was sitting there in the dirt in Wyoming I was actually just gettng ready for my trip to CRITTERSVILLE and to LOVE!"

"YEP, I AM GABRIEL: THE STYLISH PUP! Notice my matching ensemble...blue collar, leash and bandana! VOGUE!!"

"This is called 'EVERYONE TEASING GABRIEL'! Christy and Ambrr love this game of 'keep the paper away from Gabe'! As you can see, THAT DARN CAT likes it too! It's not easy bein me!"

"Hi - I'm ALLICKS helping Karen with some tricks at a dog show! And they say you can't teach an old chick new tricks!"

"While Gabriel is chewing napkins, I'm out being the show dog! Yep, that's me - always working...unlike SOME pups we know!"
GABRIEL: "Sometimes I need to smell Ambrr's breath just to see if she's eating something I want!" "AND as you can see - she doesn't like it much! The funny thing is - she growls and curls her lip - LIKE I CAN SEE OR HEAR!"
PHOENIX - the INFAMOUS 'Highway 170 Dog' and Karen building his trust. PHOENIX - a once-wild dog in the woods began to live a life with love and attention. Ambrr met him and says he's a a great dog! A little skittish, but promising!
GABE - "Yet ANOTHER un-provoked attack from THAT DARN CAT!"
ALLICKS - "Now THIS is BEAUTY!" JUDE - "I know...I know...my eyes! There a little scarey, I know, but I'm just a good ole boy! But if these eyes make me just a little more frightening...and I don't have to get up...that's fine with me!"
ALLICKS - "I just KNEW you'd want a close up of me!" JUDE - "As you can tell, I just couldn't be more excited!" Jude - the gentle giant of a dog! How he shall be missed! Jude was taken to the Bridge on January 4th, 2009.
PHOENIX: "Thanks, Karen! For finding me...for rescuing me...for saving my life!" AMBRR: "This story is probably the happiest and the saddest story I've ever heard. Phoenix learned all about love when he met Karen - which was good because he only had a short time to live. Phoenix passed away on February 4th of 2007. He was a special friend...to me and to Karen...and we'll always miss him." GABE - "So I got into a little trouble. EVERY good dog has bad days!"
GABE - "First day at Doggie-Care and already I can write my name! Not bad for a two year old, eh!" GABE - "THIRD PLACE in BEST TRICKS! I beat out lots of 'NORMAL' dogs for this! Oh, what a smart boy am I!"
Our Friendly Feline "cousin" - 'Seamus Eberly' - living the life of a dog! Our neighbors..THE TEETH BROTHERS: 'Few Teeth', 'Fewer Teeth', and 'Ain'tGotButACouple' Teeth'!
Gabriel: "This is Princess Albin - who lived with us for a while - until she found her REAL home. She was lots of fun, but teased ME a lot! She'd get me to chase her, and then 'hide' on the sofa while she watched ME run around and around the sofa trying to find her! Very funny!! But I miss her anyway! Go figure!" Ambrr: "This is Roxie & Shiloh - two of our 'foster pups' who were just too tiny for words!! They were sweet, and though I don't much care for 'puppy breath', these little tykes got by with being right in my face...a lot!"
Gabriel: "Now this smarty pants started out as "Pogo", then became "Domino" and when he left us, he became "Friday"! He has got to be my best bud of all my foster brothers/sisters because HE knew how to PLAY! Maybe it was because he was an Aussie - like me - which is the BEST BREED EVER! Ok, Ambrr...you're ok too. Jeesh!" Gabe: "This is Lady Mullady! She's the poster child for Puppy Chow - or so she thinks! She was one scared pup when she moved in - but in no time, she was happy - and BOY - IS SHE SMART! Hands taught her several tricks in just about 2 weeks! Not bad...for a pup with sight and hearing, I'd say!"
POSSUM: She traveled from Texas to South Carolina. She learned to eat all over again...to play...to 'smile' and to trust. She lived the life of royalty - and she loved THIS throne more than anywhere else in the house. On November 15th, 2008 Possum traveled to the other side of life - to the other side of the Bridge. I will forever love and miss her. She will remain a huge part of my life. I am currently working on a collection of short stories featuring Possum to better serve and commemorate her life. Check back to this site now and then for details. Here you see Possum as she's 'looking' toward the East at sunrise. She appears to see it...my guess is she DOES now. Sleep in peace, Possum. Chris